The Fiordland Trails Trust

The Trust

Formed in September 2007, The Fiordland Trails Trust was established to enable the provision of a high quality interconnected network of trails in and around Fiordland for non-motorised recreational activity that helps to create their aim of a buzzing outdoor recreation scene around Te Anau & Manapouri.

The Trust has their own strategy which incorporates a recent study of the cycling opportunities in Fiordland, along with a broader list of projects that we hope to undertake in the coming years.
The current priority for the Trust is the Te Anau – Manapouri Lake2Lake Trail.

The Goals 

• Develop a broader range of outdoor recreational opportunities for locals and visitors
• Promote increased health and well-being in our community
• Provide improved infrastructure for safe, non-motorised travel to work, school or for leisure
• Develop a broader range of trails to attract an increased number of tourists, both domestic and international, which will promote longer stays
• Provide the capacity and infrastructure to promote new outdoor events
• Deliver wider economic benefits to the area through increased visitors and investment
• Ensure the Trust’s sustainability in order that it can deliver the above

Future Projects


The Fiordland Trails Trust would like to complete the last remaining section of the Lake2Lake trail connecting lakes Te Anau and Manapouri.

There is just 4km left between Balloon Loop and Supply Bay Road. The Department of Conservation have advised us we cannot construct this section of trail until the Fiordland National Park Management Plan is reviewed and (hopefully) allows cycling in this short section of National Park.



We would also like to build a section of Lake2Lake trail alongside Golf Course Road where the trail currently shares the road for approximately 800m.

Future Projects also include Te Anau to Te Anau Downs alongside Lake Te Anau

Te Anau Manapouri Cycle Trail Opening