FAQs about Race

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk the race?

Yes we also encourage walkers however due to our safety plan the cut off time is 4 hours after departure. Of course you can continue to walk if you are not able to make the finish in that time, it is a public track, we will however need to withdraw you from the race as a non finisher.

What if it is raining?

The track is at relatively low levels so we don’t anticipate heavy snow closing the track. We do however expect it to be cold and ask that athletes wear and carry sufficient clothing for this time of year. 

The event will still go ahead in the event of sleet or rain. We will only cancel if there are floods or natural causes or an earthquakle that has or is likely to wash away the track. The race directors decision is final. 
Cancellation proceedures will be similar to Covid-19 cancellations and an alternative date will be arranged.

Will you be checking the required gear?

There will not be a detailed inspection of your gear at check in UNLESS there is a serious weather warning in place.