Future Plans

The Fiordland Trails Trust has exciting plans!

These include completing the Lake2Lake trail (removing the requirement to travel on the highway for part of it), developing a trail to Hidden Lakes, and creating a link to Mavora from Te Anau. 

It has long been one of the Trust’s goals to develop a trail from Te Anau to Te Anau Downs. The current Upukerora Trail goes as far as the Upukerora River, where a trail bridge has been installed. We are working to extend this further – check out our plans and updates below. 

January 2022

The Fiordland Trails Trust has applied for resource consent to develop two new sections of multi-use trail.

The proposed development includes Legs 2 and 3 of the Te Anau-Te Anau Downs multi-use trail.

Leg 2 is 3.5km and runs from the Upukerora bridge to Sinclair Road.

Leg 3 is 11km and runs from Sinclair Road to Boundary Creek.

Throughout our planning process, which has been more than two years in the making, we have worked closely alongside experts to mitigate any potential negative impact. We have also made changes to our original plans after listening to the community (see below for information released in October 2021).

We welcome any questions about the consent application, please email us at info@fiordlandtrails.nz.

A hearing is set for July, 2022.

Previous updates

October, 2021

The Fiordland Trails Trust is preparing to lodge a resource consent application for the development of a multi-use trail from the Upukerora River trail bridge to Sinclair Road (Leg 2 of the Te Anau to Te Anau Downs trail) and to Boundary Creek (Leg 3).

This section will provide a quality trail for recreational use that adheres to NZ Cycle Trail Grade 2 standards, and will offer safe off-road access to town for residents in the Sinclair Road and the Patience Bay areas.

The Trust had initial plans for this section in 2020 but has since made changes after feedback from a public meeting in December 2020. We have amended the initial proposal to alleviate concerns as best as practically possible. It has taken some time to get to this point, as we wanted to ensure plans were signed off by our ecologist.

In response to the initial feedback, we have made the following changes to Leg 2 of the proposed trail:

  • the trail will be set a minimum of 8 metres below the residential terrace at Patience Bay
  • the trail corridor will be confined to minimise the trail footprint
  • the trail will be engineered to ensure bank stability is retained using reinforced earth and timber retaining structures
  • the section of the trail to the west of the Patience Bay subdivision will not be visible from the adjoining two houses and is offset as far as practically possible
  • if desired, further screen planting can be undertaken
  • the trail north of the subdivision will be formed on an existing and popular public walking track

The section of the proposed trail is currently overrun with noxious weed varieties, so the trail location will allow easy access for easier management of this.

The Fiordland Trails Trust has also recently been awarded Jobs for Nature funding, which will support a huge conservation project. This work is focused largely on the Upukerora River delta area and will also enhance the wetland area near Patience Bay with the planting of more than 15,000 native species and a predator control programme. This also partly funds the trail development.

Check out the perspective of the preferred alignment centre line, running north to south