Purchase a Trail Seat

You can support the Fiordland Trails Trust and have a lasting legacy on the Lake2Lake trail by purchasing a seat on the trail. 

If you’ve ridden, walked, run, or made your way down the Lake2Lake Trail you may have noticed some beautiful wooden seats with plaques on them.

These seats each tell a story; each one of them purchased either in memory of someone or to celebrate a unique and special family, group, or individual.

And they are a key fundraiser for the Fiordland Trails Trust – meaning you can both get a beautiful and lasting tribute, and give back to the trails at the same time.

For just $1800, you can get a seat and personalised plaque along the trail.

Our team will work with you on the location and plaque engraving, and will get the seat built and placed for you.

Seats along the trail have been purchased for a whole range of reasons – in memory of people passed, or to celebrate friendship and the love of nature and being outdoors. 

Take a read of a couple of stories behind two of the seats on the trail here:

Take a seat with the Wrinkley Cyclists 

New seat has special meaning


To find out more about purchasing a seat, please email us at admin@fiordlandtrails.nz