Our Trust

Our current Trustees are listed below – although a huge thanks must also go to the past Trustees who have been instrumental in getting everything to this point in time

Our People

Our current Trustees are listed below – although a huge thanks must also go to the past Trustees who have been instrumental in getting everything to this point in time

Clare Ngakai

Clare Ngakai

Clare joined the Fiordland Trails Trust in December 2023, Clare is our Trust Manager being the first point of contact with the trustees, supporters and funding agencies the Trust works with. Outside of the Trust, Clare is self-employed providing agricultural business management to owner operated farms in the Southland region. Clare, her husband and son love the community and lifestyle Fiordland offers.


Stephen Hoskin

Stephen has lived in Te Anau since 2006, working as a local GP and helping parent four children. He joined the Trust in 2012, keen to help make it appealing, safe, sociable, convenient and affordable to be physically active locally (also because he enjoys biking and running and “because my kids hate driving out of town”)


Bob Crawford

Bob is a born and bred Southlander. He has been a part-time Te Anau resident since 1995 and moved here permanently following semi-retirement in 2016. He spent close to 40 years in the Motor Industry in various roles. Bob loves living in Fiordland, a wonderful part of the world and enjoys all the outdoor activities the region has to offer.


Alister Burgess

Alister has lived in Manapouri for more than 13 years with his wife Julie. A butcher by trade, he has also been a Justice of the Peace for eight years and a Fiordland Trails Trust for more than six years.  Alister plays an important role in track maintenance and spraying, alongside some helpful volunteers.

Stephen Martin

Stephen Martin

A Te Anau resident, Stephen is a casual driver guide on the SH94 Te Anau – Milford Highway. His interests include tramping, sea and lake kayaking and cycle touring. He is also an occasional conservation volunteer, undertaking field work in Southland.


David Boniface

David Boniface

David is a Trustee and engineer for the Fiordland Trails Trust. As a semi-retired Asset and Project Manager who gets things done, David is passionate about Fiordland and the community. He enjoys working with positive people, including those within the Trust, and within the Te Anau community.


Jocelyn Hodges

Jocelyn has lived in Fiordland since she was born and now lives in the area with her husband, Neil. She has been involved with retail and tourism, and loves giving back to the community. Jocelyn enjoys cycling the trails in the area and is passionate about playing her part in getting the trail network extended – in her words, before she is too old to enjoy them. Her Trust involvement is spurred by a desire to leave a legacy for her grandchildren.



Heather Sinclair

Heather has been with the Fiordland Trails Trust since its inception and is a keen runner and biker. Heather sits on the Events Committee and was instrumental in the execution of the inaugural half marathon in 2019.


Haylee Preston

Haylee joined the Fiordland Trails Trust in 2012, with the passion to see Fiordland thrive via providing additional amenities and events. A Chartered Accountant Haylee provides sound business, financial and strategic advice to the Trust. Outside of the Trust, Haylee is the CEO of Milford Tourism Ltd, studying to become a Chartered Director, mother-of-three, farmers wife and business owner. She enjoys the Fiordland lifestyle and opportunities it offers to many.

Ellie Chaloner

Ellie has lived in Te Anau just short of 40 years. She is a recently appointed trustee with an interest in financial matters and is looking forward to being part of the next project.