Trail Code of Conduct

The trail experience should be a positive one for everyone. The Lake2Lake Trail Code of Conduct should be followed at all times. 

Lake2Lake Trail
Code of Conduct

👈 Keep left

🚴 Cyclists give way to walkers 🚶

🛎 Use a bell or audible greeting when approaching others

⚠️ Maintain control to protect the trail and others – do not skid or ride off trail

👍 Observe road rules – cycle helmets are compulsory

♻️ Take your rubbish with you 🗑

🐕 Control dogs at all times

❌ Cycling is not permitted in Fiordland National Park. Do not ride across the Lake Te Anau control gates or the Rainbow Reach Bridge.

Let’s all do our part to ensure everyone enjoys the trails! 😀